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Oct 8

Debugging Pink Flashing

Tremolo Bridge, Jazz Guitar Tailpiece Zinc Alloy Guitar Tailpiec:

So, skimming through the game’s executable, as one does, I JUST found this boolprop:


typing “boolprop verboseShaderValidation true” (without the quotes) into the console makes the game tell you what went wrong into the console when pink flashing happens:

(I forced pink flashing in the pic above via epic hacker skills, so it’s not really useful for research purposes)

Soo yeah, what I’m saying is, you could type “boolprop verboseShaderValidation true” into your userStartup.cheat, and whenever you get pink flashing, open the console, expand it by typing “x” if necessary, and contact me sending me whatever the console says, what you were doing, what pink flashed, etc. 

You can contact me via Tumblr DM’s, Discord, E-Mail, anywhere.

Maybe we can figure this out?!

Oct 4

Creating Collections in CC Magic


As promised, (sorry for being so late) here is a picture tutorial on how to make collections in CC Magic (CCM) for @simsarahsarah​ and @echoweaver​ - and anyone else who may find it useful :)

Making collections with CCM is useful for keeping your CC installed with CCM organized in game, and also a good way of compiling items in bulk instead of adding items one by one.

At the end I’ll also add a couple of ways you could manipulate the in-game collections with CCM too (warning: this post is very picture and text heavy :)

I assume people who follow this tutorial are already using CC Magic :)

Note: My CCM layout may look a bit out of sorts as I have LOADS of sets and collections for testing purposes lol

How to make a new collection in CC Magic

In CCM, go to the Collections tab, and click ‘Add’ to make a new collection.

The new collection will appear at the bottom. Give it a name and icon. (I gave it ‘CCMTEST’ with a thumbs up icon lol)

If you look in the collections folder (Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims3>Collections>User) and sort by last modified (arrow pointing down), you’ll see the collection you just made at the top. You could give it a name if you want, but I found that sometimes when you make changes to it in CCM or Buy Mode, it saves itself as a new file with the hex number name again. And you have the named copy there too lol. I don’t bother editing any files in this folder for this reason, I do all my edits in CCM or Buy Mode.

(Edit: Nope, I was wrong, the file doesn’t duplicate itself, it just updates itself with the hex number and a new modified date, which means if you do give it a name in the folder it won’t stay that way.)

Under the Sets tab, choose which set you want in that new collection.

I’ve installed some of Sandy’s items (@aroundthesims​) from her Souvenir set to CCM - 18 items :)

I made a set called 'CCMTEST’ to match the collection, and moved the Souvenir items in it.

To add the set to the CCM collection, click 'Collection’ above the set window and scroll till you find the 'CCMTEST’ collection. Click it.

Now rebuild CCM. If you make a new set or move any items around to organize your sets, always click 'Rebuild’ to set the changes. 'Play’ also does the same when you’re ready to launch the game. 

It should show the number of the items in the collection (18). Sometimes it will still show 0 but the items will show up in the game regardless.

To know for sure if they show up, launch the game. Press 'Play’ in CCM to set changes and check your new collection. In Buy mode, you should see the new collection at the top, or near it…


  • If you make a new set, remember to enable it in the Configurations tab for the items to show.
  • If you want to make more than one collection, do them all at once so you won’t have to keep restarting CCM after each one.
  • CCM is an old program, so it has its little quirks. Sometimes you have to restart it anytime you make changes/ additions to its collections if you want the game to see them. Same for any changes/additions made to the in-game collections in Buy Mode, you have to restart CCM to pick them up.
  • If you delete a collection from CCM and restart it, it will come back! The only way to make sure its gone is to delete if from the Documents/EA folder or in the game. It is better to delete it from Buy Mode as you can see which one you want by name and thumbnail.

Extra tips:

  • You can add more than one set to a CCM collection, but its messy. Choose one set, scroll to the collection, but don’t rebuild. Keep doing this to all the sets you want in that collection (choose, scroll, choose, scroll etc) until you’re done,THEN rebuild. I actually find this way annoying lol. If you make any changes to any of those sets, you have to repeat the same process every time, so its probably best to combine all the CC you want in one set for the collection.
  • The best way to add multiple sets to one collection is to make/use a collection IN game lol. Of course, this seems to defeat the purpose of making collections in CCM, but both ways have their advantages. No matter how you make the collection file, CCM can read them all from the folder and you can add/remove your CC to/from them, especially when the game isn’t running. 
  • The big advantage of adding CCM sets to in-game collections is that they remain in that collection even if you move or even delete that set from CCM - as long as the CC is not deleted from the hard drive completely, they’ll remain where you put them. That means the items can be added to more than one collection in bulk. (e.g I could make a collection in-game called 'ATS Postcard shop,’ then in CCM, move the items from the 'CCMTEST’ set to 'ATS Postcard shop’ collection, rebuild, start game to check they appear. Then, back in CCM, I can either move the items in 'CCMTEST’ set to another set or leave them where they are but add them to another CCM collection or in-game collection, rebuild, start game to check. The items are still in 'ATS Postcard shop’ but also in the other collection I moved them to :)
  • If you have bulk tems in the Legacy folder that you want in a collection, install them in CCM, add them to an in-game collection, then move them back to the legacy folder. Don’t worry, they won’t be installed twice.

We already know that CC items can be added to more than one collection in Buy Mode. That’s good for adding single items if you have the patience, but for multiple items, CCM is easier and quicker.

So, using CCM to add or use collections can be very effective if you remember these points :

  • CC added to CCM collections can only be added to one collection at a time until you open the game and add them to other collections in Buy Mode one by one. That includes other CCM collections too because CC added to any collections in Buy Mode do not reappear and/or appear twice in CCM.
  • CC added to in-game collections can be added to more than one in-game collection in bulk (after subsequent rebuilds and restarts of CCM). Although an annoying quirk of CCM, the advantages outweigh said annoyance :)  

Both ways of making collections are very useful, especially if you test a lot of CC like me or you’re a keen builder or decorator - the CCM collections are a quick and convenient way to combine all the CC you want from a particular creator or style. The in-game collections are always there and won’t change until you delete them from the hard drive. The fact that you can access them via CCM is a bonus. 

I hope this tutorial is useful and clear to understand (I do go on a bit!  lol) 

Please feel free to ask any questions! :)


  • ATS Souvenir Shop <3
  • CRAFFANCY Flower Frog, 2 Pcs Black Round Flower Holders Ikebana - download these from MTS, install as usual package files. As they’re not the base game default icons, the thumbnail may not show up in the collection list in CCM.
  • Collection Tweaker - If you fancy being creative and have time, you can make your own collection file icons with the Collection Tweaker. I used it for about a day, then lost patience lol. I made the text ones. They look nice but I can’t be bothered to make any more as I had to open Photoshop lol

(Can you see what most of them have in common? lol)

Oct 3


I seem to have a lot of Nordic worlds, and pretty much all of them are set on coasts. Therefore, I needed a coastal Nordic climate, and Stockholm got to be my model. Because. Like all coastal Nordic cities, Stockholm’s climate is far more oceanic than continental. As a result, it’s more moderate than its latitude would suggest. Sure, it has really cold winters, but it also has really comfortable and sunny summers and often-nice transitional seasons. If you use this climate and you want an authentic Nordic ambiance, this seasonal sunrise/sunset offset mod would be a perfect companion, though if you do use that, I suggest tweaking the summer/winter temperature ranges at different times of day in the Tempest preset, to reflect the longer days/nights in summer/winter.

  • Highest summer temperature: 75F/24C
    Lowest winter temperature: 20F/-7C
  • Overall Climate: Pleasant summers with comfortable temperatures and lots of sun. Cold winters with a good chance of snow. The transitional seasons are chilly, with spring being a little cooler than autumn, and both have a good chance of snow if it’s cold enough for it. Relatively little rain year-round.
  • Snow: Snow is possible whenever the temperature is less than 40F/4C, so it can happen in spring, autumn, and winter, though of course it’s most common in winter. Winter temperatures will tend to stay below freezing, so snow is likely to accumulate and stick around.
  • Fog: Possible in all seasons when the temperature is below 55F/13C, but it’s more likely to happen in spring and autumn.
  • Hail: Apparently, it can hail in Stockholm, though it is rare. So, like snow in Egypt, I have given this preset a very small chance, in comparison to the other weather types, of hail happening in summer. You might never see it, especially if you don’t play long-term and/or with longer seasons (which is something I recommend with these climates in general), but the chance exists. If there is hail generated, there is a 20% chance that it will kill harvestable plants, and a 30% chance that it will set plants in harvest stage back to mature.
  • Precipitation Intensity: Rain, when it happens, is usually light, sometimes moderate, occasionally heavy. Rain storm durations are generally short. Overall, there is a higher chance of rain in the summer and autumn than in spring and winter. Snowstorms are more likely to be light or moderate but can be heavy in winter, and they will tend to last longer than rain storms.
  • Fireplaces that are upgraded to auto-light will do so on active lots if the temperature falls below 50F/10C.
  • Any fallen leaves will be removed at the start of winter.
  • Insect spawners will not spawn in winter.
Oct 3

Mini T-Line Strainer,1/2",50 Mesh


This is a fix to make the corn from ‘Grandpa’s Grove’ Store Set plantable and edible. Remember EA forget to fix this? Hm yes, anyway here is an easy fix for it from DouglasVeiga - better late than never :)

Edit: If, like me you were impatient and wanted the corns, like NOW, you probably tweaked any cooking mods or store ingredient mods you already had to add the corn stalks. You’ll now need to delete any corn instances in them for this mod to work.

XMLs and strings to look at:

* CornStalk.Strings - delete all

* Ingredients.xml - delete anything to do with corn - use ‘find’ to search.

* Ingredients_Store - delete all corn instances

* Plants.xml - delete ‘Corn Stalk’. Also scroll to the bottom and delete the  ‘MedatorInstanceList’ (the whole block)

DV mod notes:

Requires: CCLoader and ‘Grandpa’s Grove’ Store Set.

This mod contains the missing files and tunings to make the Corn Stalk, from the ‘Grandpa’s Grove’ Store Set, fully plantable and harvestable.

Object Details:
- Name: Corn Stalk [Auto Soil]
- Price: Free
- Category: Buy Mode > By Function > Debug > Gardening and Plants (You need to active the “buydebug” mode)

Install Instructions:
1- Download, extract and place the files from “Store_Corn_Fix_A.zip” inside you “mods” folder. Start the game. If you find the AutoSoil in buydebug and you will be able to plant it. Installation completed!
2- [In case the first step failed] Download, extract and place the files from “Store_Corn_Fix_B.zip” inside you “mods” folder. Start the game. If you find the AutoSoil in buydebug and you will be able to plant it. Installation completed!

Polygon Counts:
Corn Stalk: 3800 vertices 3300 polygons
Corn: 200 vertices 400 polygons

Additional Credits:
s3pe, S3OC

Oct 2


And to complete the EA Vacation World Trifecta, we have the Champagne Region of France, which I picked because champagne is the only wine I sort of like. (Sorry, wine hobbyists.) Shockingly, Champagne’s climate is perfect for growing grapes to make Teh Bubbly, which apparently requires cooler temperatures and less sun overall. The Champagne Region is the northernmost of France’s wine-making regions, a little bit east of Paris (so this preset will work for a world set in Paris as well), and as such the climate has both oceanic and continental influences, which ensures consistent moderate conditions. It has moderate-to-mild temperatures year-round with only rare freezes and no extreme heat, as well as uniform amounts of lower-to-moderate rainfall year-round.

This is a preset for use with the NRaas Tempest mod. General info about this project as well as installation/use instructions are here, and here is a link to the tag page for all the presets I’ve posted so far.

Note: If you want Champs les Sims and the other EA vacation worlds to have weather when you travel to them, you must have NRaas Traveler installed!

  • Highest summer temperature: 80F/27C
    Lowest winter temperature: 30F/-1C
  • Overall Climate: Average. :) Summers are comfortable, winters are chilly, springs and autumns are mild. Each season has about the same amount of moderately-low rainfall, and snow is fairly rare.
  • Snow: Rare, but can occur in autumn, winter, and spring when the temperature is 40F/4C or below. If it happens, it won’t last long enough or be intense enough to accumulate much.
  • Fog: Possible in spring, autumn, and winter when the temperature is lower than 50F/10C.
  • Hail: None
  • Precipitation Intensity: Rain is, surprise, consistent year-round, with no season having significantly more rainfall than the others. In the real world, the region is often overcast, particularly outside of summer, but not necessarily raining. This is difficult to simulate in-game since Tempest doesn’t control cloud cover. To compensate, I weighted the possibility of rain perhaps a little higher than it probably should be for accuracy’s sake, but I kept the intensity light other than a chance of a heavy storm in summer.
  • Fireplaces that are upgraded to auto-light will do so on active lots if the temperature falls below 50F/10C.
  • Any fallen leaves will be removed at the start of winter.
  • Insect spawners will not spawn in winter.
Oct 2



I don’t know if this will be of use to anyone else, but I thought I’d share anyway. :) It’s a spreadsheet I use to help me with gardening in TS3, which is perhaps the game feature that I like the most. Its complexity is one of the reasons why, now, I prefer playing TS3 over playing TS2. In short, I use the info on this spreadsheet to make gardening/farming more realistic in terms of harvest times, for all the harvestable plants I have in my game, including all of the CC ones that exist, as far as I know.

More info and the download link are on my Pillowfort.

Just reblogging this from my other account’s TS3 sideblog, in case I decide to delete said sideblog, and also so I can keep all my TS3 downloads in one place.

Oct 2



I would like to share my first ever XML tuning mod with you! This is what I called:

More Negative Moodlets

The point of this mod was to make the negative moodlets in the game have a stronger effect on Sims’ lives. I have been playing this game well over 10 years now, and within the past year, I’ve felt that it has been too easy to keep my sims in a good mood. I always found it odd that a sim could still be in an overall good mood despite a relative dying, and the house being trashed.

What I did was this:

I edited the xml file called ‘buffs’, which has a majority of the moodlets used in the game. Admittedly, it does NOT go over every single moodlet that may appear in the sims 3. I don’t recall editing any store moodlets. I created this in 3 flavors to change the difficulty level of your game. I like to think of this mod as a sort of hard mode.

More Negative Moodlets Easier:

Edits a majority of the negative moodlets (nausea, stressed, heartbroken) to at least be -50 to a sim’s mood. This is a more realistic way of playing in my opinion, and I think that this version is best for regular gameplay.

More Negative Moodlets:

This was actually the first version of the mod that I made, and edits a majority of negative moodlets to -70, to a sim’s overall mood. This is a bit much, and sims will start having a bad time when there’s something as simple as dirty dishes in the room.

More Negative Moodlets Insanity:

In case you really want your sims to have a bad time, a majority of moodlets have been edited to be at least -100 to sim’s overall mood. I feel like this should only be used if you want to purposely hurt your sims lol. Or maybe you want your sims to suffer. I don’t judge. Perhaps this could be useful for a prison play through.

When you first install the mod, any pre existing negative moodlets will still have their old buffs. The new buffs won’t appear until they feel bad again

For some reason it conflicts with the Instant Vampire Transformation mod by Eca (on mod the sims). I can only assume that this mod will conflict with any OTHER MOD EDITS THE BUFFS XML.

This mod was made and tested with Gamefreak130′s ‘Console Karma Powers’ in mind. I thought that it would be a lot cooler to give my sims a bad time when their house became haunted with ghosts, or destroyed by an earthquake lol.

I used a plethora of mods (Nraas, Children can series, and more), and it seems to do fine against 100′s of CC and more (yes, I’m that type of simmer).

And finally, I have every expansion pack and stuff pack, so there may be a chance that I edited moodlets which may not be in your game. So I don’t know how this mod will effect your game if you don’t have, say, seasons, but I don’t believe it would really do anything (I can only assume that the game would just carry on as usual, since your game doesn’t have the instances to create those certain moodlets).


Pleasant Sims for the Pleasant View Map, and Pleasantview Sims

Nraas’ mods for picture portrait, and master controller to give brandi broke 12 babies

Helren for Gray UI


Microsoft for Notepad

Darkpool for the tutorial

[Memes] for all the moodlet images

Clipstudio Paint for editing the main top image lol

And the person that created all those Rush album fonts that I downloaded a few years ago and used at least one of them in this picture


More Negative Moodlets

More Negative Moodlets [Easier]


More Negative Moodlets [Insanity]


I love me some unhappier pixels! I was going to try to do something like this in Retuner, but it was just kinda overwhelming. So thank you for this!

Oct 2


Don’t ask me how to pronounce Zhangjiajie, but back when I was looking at pictures of various places in China to get an idea for a location to use as a base for a Tempest preset for Shang Simla, Zhangjiajie’s misty green mountains, cool-looking rock formations, and green water certainly leapt out at me! So, that’s what I chose, and that’s what this is, and I love the effect it has on Shang Simla. It’s a climate of extremes. Hot, humid, and rainy in the spring and summer, but much drier and cooler in the autumn and winter, to the point where it can snow and occasionally freeze in the winter. That’s the mountains for you!

This is a preset for use with the NRaas Tempest mod. General info about this project as well as installation/use instructions are here, and here is a link to the tag page for all the presets I’ve posted so far.

Note: If you want Shang Simla and the other EA vacation worlds to have weather when you travel to them, you must have NRaas Traveler installed!

  • Highest summer temperature: 100F/38C
  • Lowest winter temperature: 30F/-1C
  • Overall Climate: Hot to extremely hot in the spring and summer with tons of rain especially in the summer. Cooler to cold with much less rain in the autumn and winter, with a small chance of occasional snow in the winter. Often misty in the spring and summer. Sun is less common, particularly in summer.
  • Snow: Very uncommon and can occur only in winter when the temperature is below 35F/2C.
  • Fog: Very common and long-lasting in the spring and summer, regardless of temperature, to simulate rainforest-like mist when it isn’t raining. In autumn and winter, it is still common but will happen only within a narrow range of cooler temperatures.
  • Hail: None
  • Precipitation Intensity: Lots of heavy rain in the summer. Somewhat less rain in the spring, in both amount and intensity. Low amounts of rain in the autumn and winter. Light to moderate snow intensity when snow happens at all.
  • Fireplaces that are upgraded to auto-light will do so on active lots if the temperature falls below 50F/10C.
  • Any fallen leaves will be removed at the start of winter.
  • Insect spawners will not spawn in winter.

How to remove the sims in your bin!



Bex Gears Left-Handed Unfinished SG Guitar Body, Okoume Wood mad reblogged your post and added:

I was looking for a way to do this earlier too.
I deleted pre-made lots from the edit town library by emptying the NonPackaged/Library folder, but I think sims are stored in the DeltaBuild and FullBuild packages.
You could always back those files up safely and then delete the SIMO and SIME files from them, see if that works?

How did I not notice before! I found them right in the Deltabuild0 and Fullbuild0. I’m literally in those files all day! How eyes XD 

Anyone who wanted to know (!!But backup the file first!!):

  •  Open up your Deltabuild0.package in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\GameData\Shared\Packages
  • Open them up in S3PE.
  • Click on the ‘filter active’ box so it’s checked. 
  • Click on the ‘tag’ box, so it’s checked. 
  • Find all these files: SIMO, SNAP, SIME. One by one. Don’t type them all at once in the scearch bar.
  • Use ‘delete’ on your keyboard or select all, Right+click and click ‘delete’
  • Save it!
  • Done! Time to test!


  • Deltabuild0 has the animals and plumbots.
  • Fullbuild0 has the sims.

Awesome! XD

A tip to speed up your game


Use NRaas Master Controller to remove items from inventories of the inactive sims and families you don’t play with. 

Go to Master Controller -> Town -> Object Stats -> Inventory and delete the items you don’t want to stay. You can delete books that inactive sims have in their inventories, musical instruments and - most important - cars that get stuck.

You can see how many books are unnecessarily taking space. Removing just the inventory items in my game deleted over a 1,200 items and the game runs super smooth now. 

Just remember not to remove items your family has and wants to keep. For example, do not remove the cell phones for obvious reasons.

Enjoy the magic!